Customer Testimonials

Thank you for sending the CD. I have to say that I was quite impressed by the report and the CD. Choosing you as our inspector was definitely a good decision. Thanks again for all the hard work. You helped us pick a good home.

Many thanks for the fast and professional service. I shall use your services again in the future and will certainly recommend your business to my friends and colleagues.

Sean Wiens is professional in his approach to his work and very knowledgeable about the building industry. His detailed inspection and report made a very difficult decision much easier for us. He also goes above and beyond to make sure he covers everything he can during the inspection. In the home he inspected for us, after carefully going over the rest of the house, he cheerfully and thoroughly examined a cramped attic crawl space, undeterred by the hot day or the tiny hatch he had to climb through to get in there. I would highly recommend Sean's services to anyone in need of a comprehensive home inspection.

Thank you very much for everything. You have done an excellent job. We are truly appreciative of your effort and due-diligence.

Sean - It was also great meeting you today. Thank you for your time and personal attention to our house. It's a special thing to find someone with your sincere integrity in the business and who has a real passion for the work. I know who to turn to in the future and if asked for referrals. Finding the problem with the hot water tank was an added bonus. I really don't think I would have caught that one until it was too late.
Mark Pickrell

I was extremely pleased with the report and your professionalism. Your detailed analysis of the concerns I had with regards to the visible cracks in the ceiling and walls and the time you took to investigate the cause gave me confidence in your findings. Thank you also for noticing the exposed water pipes in the attic and for taking a look at the boiler and hot water tank.

Thanks Sean for doing a wonderful and very detailed inspection. We are definitely not going to get this house now. Thanks to you, we aren't going to be stressing out about all the future debts that this house was going to be acquiring over the near future. We will definitely call you in the future.

Before the expiry of my dwelling’s 1-year New Home Warranty, I hired Senwi House Inspections. Inspector Sean Wiens thoroughly examined my home’s structural elements and tested its electrical and mechanical components. His inspection report gave me the peace of mind that can only come from the confirmation that my home had successfully weathered its first year milestone.
A. Haslinger

The SENWI examination and report of my home inspection was very comprehensive and detailed. I learned which areas of maintenance due to aging are of the highest priority. In addition, due to Sean's excellent knowledge of building industry best practices as well as his own experience in construction, I was made aware of compromises to the quality of the structure and services of my house, due to incorrect construction practices. The level of this inspection is of obvious help to those buying and/or selling a house, but it has an equal value to every homeowner, as an aid to expedient repairs and maintenance, in order to maintain the equity value of one's home.

Sean was very professional and very thorough. The verbal and written report gave me a much better understanding of the building. His level of detail far exceeded my expectations. He has a very broad knowledge about issues in residential construction. I would recommend Senwi House Inspections to anyone who needs a detailed inspection of their present or future home.
Jim Senay