Inspection Rates

Our inspection rates start around $600 for a small condo and $800 for a small house. The cost varies from this base rate depending on size, type, age, and location of the dwelling and the type of inspection. Crawl spaces and rental suites may also affect the inspection rate.

However, homebuyers should not let price be their primary motive for hiring an inspector. All inspectors and inspections are not created equal. The primary motive for hiring an inspector should be the value of the service received.

At SENWI we go out of our way to protect YOU from making an un-informed decision regarding your purchase. We provide thorough inspections and customized reports—not checklists—so that you can be assured that your decision to purchase is based on the best information available at the time. Compared to industry norms, SENWI inspectors often take two to three times as long on site to ensure we have looked at and analysed everything. Our inspectors then spend a second day creating your customized report. This process provides a level of detail in the finished product that is not possible within the limited timeframe afforded by a typical 2-3 hour inspection process. We therefore charge more than some inspectors because it takes us longer to perform our detailed inspections and generate our reports. In the long run, hiring SENWI will save you money. Our more thorough inspection uncovers more defects than a quick and therefore often cheap inspection.

Would you rather not hire an inspector based on the quality of their service and their ability to ensure that the job gets done right? How much is peace of mind worth when embarking on the most expensive purchase in your life?

Our customers always feel that our services represent a great value and are surprised at the robust scope we include in our inspections. The old adage that you get what you pay for is alive and well in this industry.