Inspections in Your Community

To help home, townhouse, condominium buyers and owners in Surrey (South) make informed purchasing or maintenance decisions, SENWI House Inspections offers 4 different types of home inspections, including:

  1. Pre-Purchase Inspection: takes the worries out of the decision to purchase
  2. New Home Warranty Inspection: identifies covered defects and maintenance issue
  3. House Tune-Up/Maintenance inspection: identifies immediate and long-term maintenance needs and course of action
  4. Pre-Listing Inspection: maximize the sale price of a property and reduce sell time

The following are some of the Surrey (South) home inspections SENWI House Inspections has conducted.

Contact us if you have any questions about the types of inspections we have conducted in the Surrey (South) area or would like to book your own house inspection.

141A St., Surrey (South) Detatched House
Roper Ave., Surrey (South) Condo
152st, Surrey (South) Townhouse
Crescent Rd, Surrey (South) Trouble Shooter
36th Ave, Surrey (South) Detatched House
136th St, Surrey (South) House